Will of Maggie Chance Givens: Notes

The source for this will is Book 2, Wills, Okaloosa County, Florida; however, the will was first recorded in Escambia County, Alabama.  See pages 36-37.  This will was signed 10 July 1926.

A primary purpose for genealogy researchers in looking for a will is to obtain information about the person whose will it is.  This is a good way to confirm their date of death, also.  Thirdly, we are looking for the beneficiaries so as to identify other family members.

I do not have the text of the will, handy, but I do have the list of the administering parties and the instructions as to whom should receive what share of Maggie’s estate.   The date of death is on or about 15 September 1939.  If anyone is wondering why my account is kind of sketchy here, it is because I am working from a partial description of the pertinent information, as transcribed by my father, Wiley Benjamin Hill, Jr., onto a Family Group Sheet.

Administering: Gladys G. Williamson and Daisy G. Page.


  • To my husband if he survives me: 1/7
  • To my daughter, Lilla Mae Weatherly, 1/7
  • To my daughter, Daisy G. Page, 1/14
  • To my granddaughter, Margarete Teresa Enzor, 1/14
  • To my son, Val Wright Givens, 1/7
  • To my daughter, Gladys Givens Whaley, 1/7
  • To my son, James Monroe Givens, 1/7
  • To my grandson William Earl McLeod, an infant, 1/7

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